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So you’re probably wondering what Rug Wrap and Road Wrap is…well I’m just the gal to tell ya! One protects your car’s carpet and one protects the outside of your vehicle; it’s the ultimate in car protection! Can you guess which is which? (Sorry I’m feeling feisty today.)

Have you ever wished you had something to cover the carpet in your car, so it would stay cleaner?  Those snowy and/or rainy days always do a number on the carpet.  Oh and if you have pets and kids too?!?  You can pretty much kiss your car’s clean carpet goodbye!  However, thanks to, there is now a simple and reasonably priced solution called Rug Wrap, which will help you protect your car’s carpeting!

In order to facilitate the review I was lucky enough to be given the Sample Value Pack 18, which includes:

    • 18″ x 100′ Road Wrap
    • 18″ x 50′ Rug Wrap
    • It also comes with the Felt Edge Wrapped Applicator for easy installation.


Rug Wrap Review: EmpireCovers.coms Rug Wrap and Road Wrap

Here is what has to say about their product:

“Rug Wrap is a premium 3 mil carpet protection for your vehicle that can be left on up to thirty days. It has a water based adhesive and will not leave residue or stain your carpets. It’s great for those accidental spills, transporting cargo or just dirty feet. Protect your carpet and your floormats in your car, truck or RV! Each roll measures 18 in. x 50 ft. This film is produced clear with no print or perforation.”

My hubby and I own a carpet cleaning business, so we can especially appreciate a product like this.  Nothing is harder than trying to steam clean the interior of a car!  It pretty much goes without saying that we were both excited to give this product a try.

When I saw Rug Wrap online, I have to admit I was a little worried about trying it.  I started having cellophane flashbacks and was afraid it would be just as clingy and hard to use.  However I was very pleasantly surprised it wasn’t nearly as difficult.  Rug Wrap comes as a roll of sticky plastic.  One side is just plain plastic and the other is sticky.  Like with anything that has one sticky side you have to be a bit careful, but like I said it was a lot easier to work with than you’d think.  Rug Wrap comes with a cutter that looked like a large letter opener, which made for easy cutting.  The package I got included a Felt Edge Wrapped Applicator to help me smooth out the Rug Wrap onto the carpet.  It made for a lot easier application.

Living in Michigan, I have to admit that my Rug Wrap review came at the perfect time.  For the past week or so it has done nothing but rain here….a lot.  So I covered the floors of my car and have not had to worry about transferring mud and grime to my mats this entire week.

Last night I took out my drivers side mat and peeled off the Rug Wrap.  Let’s just say it was covered in yuck.  It was really, really nice to know that I didn’t transfer any of that to my car’s carpet.

As a side note, my hubby and I were talking about other uses for Rug Wrap and we came up with one we plan on mentioning to all of our carpet cleaning customers that are realtors.  He often cleans homes for them, that are vacant and getting ready to be shown.  He said that it would be a great idea for the realtors to lay the Rug Wrap down, making a path for potential buyers to walk through the rooms and not mark up the carpeting.  This is going to be especially important now that Winter is on it’s way.  All of that snow is bound to dirty up a carpet.  I’m fairly certain they are going to love the idea.



Road Wrap Review: EmpireCovers.coms Rug Wrap and Road Wrap

 Everything about Road Wrap is the same as Rug Wrap, except for it’s use.  Instead of protecting your rug with it, you protect the outside of your vehicle.

Living in Michigan we deal with a lot of construction.  So much so, that people often joke that our state symbol should be the construction barrel.  For this reason we are always have to deal with bits of newly laid asphalt flying up and stick to the bottom of our cars.  Road Wrap is perfect to keep your car protected from this.  It is also great if you live on a dirt road too.  Nothing is worse than all that dirt constantly on your car.

The only real issue with the Road Wrap was applying it.  Though, I’m going to freely admit it probably had more to do with me than the actual product.  I’m not the best a wrapping gifts or anything along those lines and in a way this is similar.  The curves and lines of the car made it a little more difficult for me to apply than the Rug Wrap, but I was able to get it on there none-the-less.  I also fairly certain with a little bit of practice it would get easier to apply.

So I drove around for the past week with the Road Wrap on my car.  Like I said it’s been raining like mad.  Plus, I park in a parking garage at work that when wet, can splash up all kinds of good stuff on your car.  Yesterday I removed the wrap and found that it was covered with all sorts of mud and yuck.


All in all I have to say that the Rug Wrap and Road Wrap are two pretty great products.  I must admit that I did like the Rug Wrap more than the Road Wrap, as it was a bit easier to use and I could see myself using it on a regular basis.  Whereas the Road Wrap, did serve a great purpose, I don’t see myself using it as much.  However, I would without a doubt recommend both products.  They both do a great job!

Disclosure: This review is hosted by  I did not receive any monetary compensation for this review.  I received 1 Sample Value Pack 18 of Road Wrap and Rug Wrap, in order to perform the review.  The opinions in this review are purely my own.

lpsignature Review: EmpireCovers.coms Rug Wrap and Road Wrap


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