Review:’s Full Tilt (Snappless) Tonneau Cover

  Empire Covers Review: EmpireCovers.coms Full Tilt (Snappless) Tonneau Cover

Want to know who was more excited than me about this review?  If you guess my hubby, you’d be correct!  He has wanted a Full Tilt Tonneau Cover* for his Ford F150 since we bought it a year ago.  So needless to say, you can imagine his disappointment in having to wait a few weeks to put in on, because his family was borrowing the truck.  LOL

I’m happy to say, though, that as of Sunday the F150 now has a brand new, spiffy, Full Tilt (Snapless) Tonneau Cover on it!


Cover 300x225 Review: EmpireCovers.coms Full Tilt (Snappless) Tonneau Cover
Putting the cover on. (Yes he’s on the phone. He was taking forever to get off of it, so I just took the picture anyway. LOL)The cover is on!





Cover on 300x225 Review: EmpireCovers.coms Full Tilt (Snappless) Tonneau Cover

The cover is on!


You will notice that the pictures are taken in 2 different spots of the driveway.  This is because the cover was not completely on until it was dark, so I had to wait until the next morning to take the final picture.  LOL  My husband like’s to do thinks at odd hours.

I have to be honest and tell you that the hubby did have a bit of trouble installing the Tonneau Cover, but I wouldn’t take that to heart too much.  He isn’t the most handy person in the world and has yet to have an easy time putting anything together (though to be fair sometimes it’s him and sometimes it’s the product/awful instructions).  The point is, even if you aren’t all that handy, it is still possible to put on yourself.

As for what my husband and I think of the Tonneau Cover, I’d have to say we are very pleased.  It looks really nice on the truck and it is easy to release and lift it.  I love having it, because I know whatever we put back there will now be protected from the rain and snow!  It was definitely worth the time it took for him to put together!

I would definitely recommend for Tonneau Covers.  Not only are their prices reasonable, but they have lifetime frame warranties and 10 year cover warranties!  Plus, they have a really cool Tonneau Cover Selector that makes it super easy to find exactly what you’re looking for!  My hubby literally found the perfect Tonneau Cover in 2 minutes flat.  Pretty cool, huh?

*Please note that the link for the Full Tilt Tonneau Cover, that is provided in the review, is specific to the year and make of my hubby’s truck.  In order to find the best Tonneau cover for your truck you should start here with’s handy Tonneau Cover Selector.

Discolsure: This review is sponsored by  I received 1 Full Tilt (Snapless) Tonneau Cover to facilitate this review.  All opinions expressed in this post are my own.

lpsignature Review: EmpireCovers.coms Full Tilt (Snappless) Tonneau Cover

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