I Need Your Opinion!

Okay everyone, I could seriously use your advice.  My current phone is on its last leg and I’m eligible to get a new cell phone.  The problem is, I have no idea what phone I want to buy.   I’ve been doing some research and feel more confused than ever (everyone seems to say something different).  This is where all of you come in; I’ hoping you can recommend me.

I’m through Sprint and here is what I’m looking for:

  1. Smartphone (probably a “duh” in this day and age, but just in case it isn’t)
  2. Touch Screen with Slide Keyboard (I do a LOT of texting and pure touchscreen takes too much time…I know, I’m sure that makes me old.)
  3. Decent camera (I take a lot of pics of the kid)

I had my heart set on the EVO Shift, but that’s been discontinued and replaced with the EVO 3D.  In light of this I went on Sprint’s site and got a list of available touch phones, that also have a keyboard.  The 2 top rated phones  were the HTC Arrive (Windows 7 phone…mind you I don’t have Windows 7 on any of my home computers so I would not be able to take advantage of the phone/computer features) and the Samsung Epic.

What do all of you think? Do any of you have these phones?  Do you have another phone you want to recommend?  Please, please, please share with me in the comments below!

Oh and I should probably tell you that I currently have a BlackBerry Bold and HATE the interface, which has turned me off as a BlackBerry fan.  I previously had the Curve and LOVED it, but the Bold has been nothing but one problem after another on top of the stupid interface.

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  1. We can’t get Sprint out here, but I’ve got an LG Optimus through T-Mobile and I love it! I’m sure this info won’t help you any… :(

  2. Nobrainer, at least for me, as I am a huge Apple advocate. The Iphone you will only ever love. The Ipad you will be IN love with. And then there’s the macbook air which I crave….anyway, back to phones. Iphone. period.))))))

  3. I can’t help at all…sorry! I have a dumb phone, and I just don’t care about the smart ones.

  4. I have the Sprint Samsung Galaxy. It’s got a touch screen and slide out keyboard. This was my first touch screen phone and I too text a lot so decided to get the slide out keyboard. I like this phone, sometimes it’s a little too smart for me lol.. but overall it does what I need it to do. I email, tweet, blog, post to FB, G+ all from my phone which is super convenient. Hope this helps you!

    I’m also stopping by from the blog hop, followed you via NetworkedBlogs. Have a wonderful weekend!

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