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As someone who has worn glasses since 5th grade and contacts since my Freshman year of high school, I realize how expensive having bad eyesight can be.  Especially since most vision insurances only a fraction of the cost for new glasses and a year supply of contacts.  Oh and forget about it if you’re going to get both at the same time; the cost is definitely cringe-worthy!

Well luckily, thanks to 1-800-CONTACTS, those of use with bad eyesight can now go to them to save money and time!  Not to mention there are several brands to choose from, which allows you to find one that’ll work for your eyes and your budget!

If you have any questions, when shopping for contacts, rest assured they have been marked as “elite” by Stella Service and their A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau.  All of this adds up to excellent customer service, which always keeps me coming back.  I’ve had some customer service nightmares in my past so when I deal with a company that excels in this area, it’s usually a keeper.

There are a few other great perks that 1-800-CONTACTS offers their customers.  The first one is their 20/20 Price Guarantee; which means they’ll beat any price around by 2%.  There are obviously some restrictions, such as they have to be the same brand of contacts, but nothing unreasonable (you can find all of the rules and restrictions on the site).

1-800-CONTACTS also offers a feature that helps customers schedule their eye exams.  If you are unsure of a place to go in your area, this feature will help you find an eye doctor and schedule the appointment.  Pretty cool, huh?

Now if you’re worried about shipping, you can get it for free when you spend $50!  I don’t know about you, but it doesn’t take much for me to get to $50 when buying contacts, so the free shipping is GREATLY appreciated!

All in all 1-800-CONTACTS is a great place to go if you’re looking to buy contacts.  Be sure to check them out; you’ll be glad you did!


Disclaimer: The above review was paid for by 1-800-CONTACTS, however all opinions are strictly my own.

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