Calling All Music Fans…

music 300x205 Calling All Music Fans...


If you’ve followed my blog for any length of time you likely know that I love music.  I pride myself on the fact that my taste is all over the board and am always trying to find cool and new music to share with people.  I grew up listening to oldies songs with my dad, because it was the only music we could agree upon and I also fell in love with pop, rap and “hair bands” when I was young.  From there my taste expanded to Classic Rock, Alternative, Country (the new stuff, NOT the old), etc.

As you know I’ve had a feature on my blog called “Song of the Week”, which I have been really bad keeping up to date lately.  This is because I’ve been feeling very uninspired by all of the music that is currently out there.  Maybe it’s just because I’ve been busy and haven’t had a chance to try and find new artists I like or maybe what’s out right now really does suck as bad as it seems, but either way there has been nothing I’ve wanted to share with all of you.

So for this reason I’m turning it over to all of you…  Who are some of your favorite artists?  What current songs do you love?  Share with me please!  I’m dying to find some new, really great stuff!  Also, if your recommendation inspires one of my “Song of the Week” posts, I’ll be sure to mention you and your blog!

lpsignature Calling All Music Fans...


  1. I love a little bit of every genre. I grew up listening to heavy metal and rock music (Queen, Megadeth, Twisted Sisters, Metallica, etc.)because my older brother play those ‘tapes’ every single day. I listen to love songs, pop, R&B and alternative music every now and then and honestly, most of the music today just suck! They just don’t make the same music like before.

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