Friday Funny Business

I’m back with a few things that’ll hopefully make you laugh.  Hey it’s the end of the week?  Who really works on a Friday, right?

Ilove me some Cookie Monster and I also love me a good song spoof, so when I saw the Cookie Monster spoof of Call Me Maybe, I fell in love! If you haven’t seen Share it Maybe you’re missing out, it’s way adorable and the dorky people dancing are good for a laugh. Enjoy!



You’ve wanted to do this to your kid before…admit it.

Redneck022 Friday Funny Business


Forget “no shirts, no shoes”; it really should be…

diarrhea1 Friday Funny Business

lpsignature Friday Funny Business


  1. Eeeeew. Period. They could also add that to the list…leaks happen ;)

  2. That spoof cracked me up so much!!

  3. LOL @ Cookie Monster. As far as the duct taping the baby… oh yes I have really wanted to do that with mine. My youngest three boys are 2 years old and 9 month old twins. They keep me busy and drive me crazy all at the same time! Thanks for the blog hop!

  4. Love it!!! The best song spoofs are with Sesame Street characters. We still watch the “I’m Elmo and I Know It” video on You Tube all the time!!

  5. Love it!! Definitely needed a laugh today!!

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