Friday Funny Business

Yay it’s Friday!!!! I can’t even begin to tell you how extremely glad I am that I made it through this week. Let’s just say I took an extremely embarrassing head first tumble at work this week and can’t wait till I can stop talking about it. Nothing like having to sit down with your team lead to fill out a report of one of the most embarrassing things that has happened to you in years.

So in light of all this, I could really use some Friday Funny Business – how about you?!?


I really need to start living by this philosophy…

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I prefer my McNuggets with a side of Herpes.

mcdonalds Friday Funny Business


This poor cat.

funny cat pictures harry thawt his hoomin wuz gone fur teh day Friday Funny Business


Happy Friday everyone!

lpsignature Friday Funny Business


  1. Oh my gosh, too funny!! I love the autocorrect typos, but they make me glad I don’t have an iPhone lol.

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