Friday Funny Business

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Once again it’s Friday, which means it’s time for some much needed Funny Business! I don’t know about you, but it’s been another rough week, so I’m desperately in need of some laughs!

I know every week I share with you something from Some Ecards, but I can’t help it. Their ecards and the ecards made up by the site’s readers just crack me up. This one is my favorite from this week:

tripin 300x200 Friday Funny Business

I love me some Daniel Tosh from Tosh.o on Comedy Central. Below is a bit he did on his show in regards to Google Search’s auto fill. Some of these made me laugh so hard I cried. However, please note that if you are easily offended or don’t like crass humor, you might not want to watch this!

Now this is an apology if I’ve ever heard one..

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Have a good Friday everyone!!!! icon smile Friday Funny Business

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  1. I love that ecard! Maybe I’ll try to think about that later on this afternoon while I’m sitting in yet another meeting. Happy Friday!

  2. Hahahh I’m cracking up! Thanks for sharing!!

  3. Oh my…Tosh.O makes me laugh/cry! I have not seen that one…loved it!

  4. LOL Daniel Tosh is a trip! Thanks for the laugh. It was a rough Saturday night. The twins are teething!!

    • You poor thing! I hope the twins are doing better and that you’re finally getting some rest! Glad I could offer a little relief from what sounds like a long night!

  5. Oh, this was just hilarious!! LOL!

  6. haha, I’ve been amused by what comes up with some of my Google searches so this was great, not far from what I’ve seen!

  7. i loveee stopping buy and getting a good laugh!!

  8. Funny E-card!!! Tosh is hilarious!!! love stopping by for a good laugh, Thanks ;)

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