Tips For Traveling With Kids

I’m excited to announce that after 10 long years, I finally took a vacation!  Granted it was a 4 day, camping vacation, but it was a vacation none-the-less.  This also means this is the first time my husband and I have traveled anywhere with the kid.  At the age of 5 (going on 20 lol), she has never been in the car longer than 1 ½ hours at a time and this trip was about 4 hours long.  Needless to say, preparation was the key; it definitely helped make the trip a successful one!

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Here are a few things I did to make sure I was prepared:

  1. Packed lots of things to keep the kid occupied while driving.  I packed books, a portable DVD player, DVDs, her favorite CD, etc.  In fact I packed so many toys I thought I over did it, because I figured the kid would be asleep most of the time (the car has a habit of causing her to pass out).  Little did I know she’d fall asleep for 5 minutes on the way there and about 20 minutes on the way back; so what I had dubbed as the “Bag of Distractions” came in handy.
  2. Packed a cooler with cold drinks.  It never fails; we’ll be on the road and the kid is suddenly ready to die of dehydration.  So I packed a cooler with water and juice, so I knew we wouldn’t have to stop to get her something to drink.  It came in handy not only for her, but for us too!
  3. I packed her gummy vitamins and her Culturelle Kids Probiotic (it has to be Culturelle Kids, because she loves the flavor lol).  Whether you’re camping like we were or going on another vacation, the changes in your diet and surroundings are just begging to make your child ill.  I know we aren’t the only parents who lets their kids eat differently when on vacation.  There’s nothing like 2 s’mores and a few marshmallows after dinner to make a kid’s stomach act up.  So instead of waiting for the problem to occur I decided to try and be ahead of the game by making sure she continued to take her vitamins and Culturelle Kids Probiotic.  That’s to this my daughter didn’t have any problems while we were gone, which helped make for a much better vacation!
  4. Speaking of food, I packed a bag full of different snacks, because I knew the kid would be starving at some point during our drive.  I also put some fresh fruit in the cooler too.  Both of these turned out to be a Godsend since she is going through a growth spurt and is ready to eat us out of house and home!
  5. Last, but not least I brought along my willingness to adapt.  No matter what you do, when traveling with a kid(s), you never know what to expect.  They may have to stop a few times for a bathroom break or they may get car sick; you can try to prepare for everything, but it’s impossible.  You need to be able to take things as they come and try to make the best of it.

Please keep in mind the above when you go on your next trip!  I know it helped us to have tons of fun, without a lot of whining and arguing.  Remember you can’t prepare for everything, but the more prepared you are the better off you’ll be!

What do you do to prepare for a vacation with your kids?

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Disclaimer:  This post is a paid review for Culturelle Kids.  I was given a sample to facilitate the review.  All opinions are my own.

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  1. I know when I use to pack toys for my kids I would overdo it. Now I give them each there own little backpack and they get to put whatever they can fit in it and that is all they can bring. The kids have their DS games that they play all the time, and I let them use my iPad. With the iPad, the kids can play games, read, and watch movies on our Blockbuster@Home service. A co-worker at Dish told me about this service, so I downloaded the Dish Remote Access app and the kids can access our Blockbuster streaming. They have several family movies on there, so the kids never get bored with the movies and they can always find something to watch. It is such a lifesaver when you are traveling for hours.

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