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Today I’d like to welcome Mark to insignificant at best!  Mark found me through a post I put on Triberr about Welcome Wednesday.  He runs a blog called Panda SEO Services, which has some really cool information on it.  He talks about how to change your Permalink structure to better your WordPress SEO, keyword research, etc.  When you’re done reading his guest post, be sure to head on over and see what Panda SEO Services is all about!


How to Build Links Post Penguin

I expect you have seen posts about Google’s latest update on webmaster forums, blogs and newspapers, did you see a change in your website analytic s around 24th April 2012. You may even be getting bored of hearing about this update, sorry. Did the penguin update affect you? Did your lose or gain rankings?

This update was about your websites incoming link profile, Google wanted to target webspammers. People that fill the internet with link wheels, 1 page web 2.0 properties and mass blog comments, feel free to comment on this post though you will be O.K, just don’t use your website title in the name field and don’t post the same thing to a million other sites.

From all the backlash I have seen, like the comments on this post many people have been participating in webspam? Do you think the search results pages have improved since April? Did your website rankings drop or improve?

After the update I saw many people saying lots of different stuff and making lots of different assumptions, I wondered if Google even had this wonderful spam detecting algorithm or if they just slapped a load of random sites?

Now the dust has settled a little bit I have been looking at the link profiles of a few random high ranking sites and made a few assumptions of my own. I don’t think the penguin update is primarily about anchor text ratios, I have found many sites ranking for very competitive terms and using that term in their anchor text for 70-80% of incoming links. I won’t be using the same keyword terms that much but if you have been slapped by Google, I think you should consider the below before you start contacting people asking for links to be changed or removed.

I think the update is about the sites you build links from and I think you should avoid:

Mass blog commenting
Wiki Links – if buying a thousand links from wiki sites for $5 is not spam, what is?
Any site that auto approves links
Link wheels
Link Pyramids

Any suggestions?

I think you should build your links manually and get them from:

Human edited directories
Real press release sites – not auto approve ones
Guest blog posting – like I am doing now
Good comments on related blogs – using your real name
Social Bookmarks

Any other suggestions? Where else is good for links?

Guest post supplied by Mark who has just started a new site offering online marketing and SEO in Slough UK. He is offering free Keyword research and a link building package on his site here.


Thanks Mark, for being a part of Welcome Wednesday and sharing your link building knowledge with my readers!  I always comment on blogs as “lisa from insignificant at best” and I had no idea that was a bad thing!  Thanks for the great tip!

lpsignature Welcome Wednesday: Mark from Panda SEO Services


  1. Thanks Lisa, I just noticed the bottom 2 links don’t work. Please let me know if you need me to send them again.

  2. All the SEO business is so hard to understand! I have to admit, even though I’ve had my blog for a year and a half, I give very little thought to SEO. I know I should be better. Great post!

  3. very very helpful for my husband thanks for sharing!!

  4. Great info Mark. I have actually benefited from the new updates, but I really focus on content, and have never gotten into the link building part. I think if you just think about what Google is trying to do for their customers, you end up getting it right. People want to find good content relevant to their searches–period, and if you do that, Google will let them find you. If they like your content, they might bookmark you. Nice and natural:) Guest blogging is always good too!

  5. What topic are you thinking?

  6. You really give some great advice here. Thanks for sharing. This helps people to have more knowledge about SEO services.

  7. Many Thanks for sharing such useful tips of readers but I would like to add the recent panda update announced by Google on 22nd January,2013. A huge fall in ranks of the websites was measured and one added tips to escape came out is to add authorship tags to your websites and blogs. In this panda update Google announced the link building to look natural and somewhat inclined towards social media. So targeting only a single web page will no longer be beneficial from now on.

  8. Lisa,

    On the guest post, I’ll keep it very up to date with all of the new Google updates and changes, and you don’t have to link to me. It’s important to get this info out there to as many as possible, since Google is already getting started with the new robots. Have you caught my latest posts on all of this?

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