Friday Funny Business (Sept. 21st Edition)

ffb2 300x150 Friday Funny Business (Sept. 21st Edition)


Happy Friday everyone!  I’m pleased to say this was a much less eventful week than the last!  I hope all of you had a great week too and end up having an even better weekend!  Okay and now that we have the pleasantries out of the way, time for the funny!

Yup I’m definitely in the 1%.  LMAO!  Who’s with me?

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Reason 7394 why people who are not good with technology, should not be allowed anywhere near it.  LOL

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True story.

languages Friday Funny Business (Sept. 21st Edition)

lpsignature Friday Funny Business (Sept. 21st Edition)


  1. Lol, too funny!

    I am with that 1% too, even in the day time… I don’t like unexpected visitors.

  2. oh man that text capture is so awful! Poor lady ha ha.

  3. Oh no! The text with the Mom is so sad!!

  4. I love your Friday funnies! I’m totally the ninja, btw! :)

  5. love it!!!! so funny!!! your awesome

  6. Sometimes I do ninja it, but mostly check the peep hole. Love the “lol” one!

  7. LOL!! I love that last one…so very me!

  8. It’s amazing to think back to when I might have assumed LOL meant lots of love too. :)

  9. So funny. THanks for posting.

  10. Cute. And I thought I was out of touch with today’s sociey. :)

  11. very kute!!!! love it! thanks for the smiles!!!

  12. jamie tucker says:

    ahah my mom is that way with the phone. i think it must take her 5 min to send a text but she is determined

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