Mimosas, Friends, and Food

I have 3 words for you – Mimosas, friends, and food.  This is how I have spent every Christmas Eve morning for the past 14 years.  Before all of the craziness begins, before all of the family obligations start, and before all of the “trying to find a place to put all of the kid’s new stuff”; my friends and I take the time to have brunch together.

Christmas Eve brunch was started and is hosted yearly, by my best friend Hillary and her husband, Pete.  It started out with all of the friends exchanging gifts and Pete cooking made-to-order omelets for everyone.  Yes making omelets for a minimum of 8 people is time consuming, but he seems to like it and the rest of us don’t mind drinking Mimosas while we wait.  Win, win.  icon smile Mimosas, Friends, and Food

christmas 300x225 Mimosas, Friends, and Food

The kids waiting to open up their Christmas gifts










Now-a-days, Pete still makes omelets, we still drink Mimosas, but now it’s our kids that exchange gifts instead of us.  I love sitting back with my friends, many of them from my childhood, as we watch our children forge similar friendships.  I truly am a lucky lady to have such a special Christmas Eve tradition.  I mean Mimosas, friends, and food – what more could a girl ask for?


Many of you know that I recently tried out for Blogger Idol.  Sadly, I did not make it, but have decided to link up to their play-at-home linky.  Here was the challenge for Week 1:

This week, the Top 13 face a double elimination as they write about family tradition. They have to write about a tradition that they participate in with their family, extended family, or friends, but at the same time, really let their new fans know who they are, since it’s their first post. There are no word limitations, but you have to include at least one image in your post.

All feedback is welcome and appreciated!


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  1. Love family traditions! I can’t wait til Christmas!!

  2. Your article is truly moving. It is rewarding to have close friends to participate in activities such as your Christmas Eve. Holiday time is hard for my family as we are spread out all over the midwestern and southern states. Consequently, we are not able to see the “entire” family but every few years; however, we do make the most of the time we have together on those special occasions. Thanks for sharing.

    • Being spread out like that definitely makes it hard around the Holiday season, but at least there are things like Skype that now make it a tiny bit easier! Though, I’m sure it’s not even close to when you guys do get a chance to all be together.

  3. Always a good time thanks for sharing!!!

  4. I have never had a Mimosa. Now I’ll have to look up what it is! lol

  5. Sounds wonderful! Christmas is one of my favorite times of year!

  6. Short, sweet and to the point. Very nice. And, what a lovely tradition! Growing up my mom did something similar with her best friends and I wish I could have continued it. Thank you for reminding me.

  7. What a great tradition!! You’re so lucky to still be friends with so many of your friends! It seems like all my friends disappeared over the years. My sister and I have awesome holiday traditions, though, and I’ll take that!

    • I really am very lucky. I have lost touch with so many of my other friends, but the ones from my childhood have stuck (well this group from my childhood). There is nothing quite like having a best friend that has known you all your life – I don’t have any siblings, but she definitely is like a sister.

  8. Traditions are a part of the foundation of family life. We have a tradition for almost everything we do! lol The kids love it for now, until they start to think otherwise, we will keep them up. Thanks for sharing!

    • Isn’t it sad how we know our kids will one day not enjoy family traditions? I dread that day. I know we all go through it (I did), but it’s still going to suck! LOL

  9. Okay I’m back to report that now I know what a Mimosa is, after researching (didn’t take long!)! lol.

  10. Linda Walters says:

    I come from a large family and when we all get together it takes two large tables to sit at. The children are what makes the holidays so fun and entertaining. Thanks for sharing your story

    • Large families are either awesome or not so awesome around the holidays; guess it depends on the kind you have! LOL Sounds like you have a great one though and you’re right kids are definitely what make the holidays so great!

  11. Nena Sinclair says:

    I always love hearing about people’s different holiday traditions, I find them so interesting! Thanks for sharing!

  12. are you planning big for next yr?

  13. tiffany dover says:

    this is great! family traditions are very important!

  14. I can only wish to have this kind of tradition at home. ‘We’re really not that close a family but sometimes I crave it. ;(

  15. Wendi Scharrer says:

    This is a great tradition you have started. My Children are now young adults. This is something we could start enjoying with them. TY for sharing.

  16. Richard Hicks says:

    Nice tradition! I have not had a mimosa in ages. We have a lot of gift exchanging going on xmas eve too.

  17. Jennifer Speed says:

    Love the picture…they look super stoked to open those presents

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