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When my Mom’s best friend, Pat,  was diagnosed with Breast Cancer, I remember feeling shocked.  She was the first person I’d ever known that was diagnosed with caner; it was crazy to think of what was going to happen to one of the most vivacious women I had ever met.  Pat was a single woman in her 50’s that worked two jobs, loved purple and Elvis, and always new how to have a good time.

Like everything she did Pat threw herself into recovering, fighting like a champ.  She came out the other end, having lost a lot of weight (she had always been a plus size woman, though, so this didn’t make her look sickly) and looking great.  Instead of being depressed about losing her hair, Pat starting collecting wigs so she could change up her look when the mood struck.  She bought new clothes to fit her smaller body and beat Breast Cancer looking better than ever!  She was a true survivor.

Pat lived life to the fullest for the next two years, my Mom and her growing closer than ever.  Then came the fateful date when she found out that the Breast Cancer had returned.  Pat readied herself for another fight, but unfortunately this was a fight she couldn’t win.  The doctor informed her that the cancer had spread and that the most they could do was make her remaining days more comfortable.  She lasted another 6 months before the cancer stole this amazing woman from us.

It’s now 3 years later and my Mom still has a hard time without Pat.  I can’t say that I blame her, because she was a truly unique soul.  Even though she lost her fight against Breast Cancer I’ll never forget the way she fearlessly fought and made the best of her diagnosis.  Pat is a true role model for anyone who fighting cancer and I’m lucky to have known her.

It is in Pat’s honor that I write this post to talk to you about Ford Warriors in Pink.  Here is a little more info about what this is and the “Bang the Drum: Living Out Loud in the Face of Breast Cancer” documentary they’ve made:

Ford Warriors in Pink®, the Ford Motor Company program that raises awareness and funds in the fight against breast cancer, has released its first-ever documentary with hopes to create a powerful and inspiring resource to all who have been touched by the disease. The short documentary, ‘Bang the Drum: Living Out Loud in the Face of Breast Cancer,’ gives the Models of Courage a platform to showcase their inspiring stories continuing Ford’s 18-year commitment to the cause.”

Here is the Ford Warriors in Pink documentary:


As you can see from the “Bang the Drum” documentary nobody, not even men, are immune to Breast Cancer, which is why it is so important to do monthly exams and to get check once a year by your doctor.  Finding out you have Breast Cancer is very scary, but if you catch it early, fight bravely like Pat and the survivors in the documentary, you will improve your chances of survival greatly.  Don’t let fear keep you from doing the right thing.

So many of us have been diagnosed with or know someone who has been diagnosed with Breast Cancer; please honor them by sharing your/their stories in the comments below.

If you’d like to help Ford Warriors in Pink, you can go to their site and buy all kinds of cool apparel to support this worthy cause!  My favorite is the tote:

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Make sure to go and check out to see all the things that you can buy to show your support!

This October, Ford Warriors in Pink® has launched its first ever produced documentary, “Bang the Drum: Living Out Loud in the Face of Breast Cancer.” The film honors 11 men and women breast cancer survivors who have demonstrated strength and courage in their battle with its “Models of Courage” program. 2012 marks Ford Motor Company’s 18th year of support for the breast cancer cause. In that time, Ford has dedicated more than $115 million to the breast cancer cause.

You too can get involved in this tremendously worthy program! When you buy Ford Warriors in Pink apparel at, 100 percent of the net proceeds go directly to support breast cancer awareness all year long.

To keep connected, be sure to check out Ford Warriors in Pink on Facebook and follow @WarriorsinPink on Twitter.

This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of Ford Warriors in Pink. The opinions and text and tribute to Pat are all mine.

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  1. Good on Ford for helping out the community in support of women.

  2. Ford is truly one amazing company! A few months ago they did 2013 Ford Escape Hunger Drive! Seeing this post confirms that our next vehicle will be a Ford!

  3. I lost my mom to breast cancer when I was 19, and I recently lost a cousin who was only 35. It’s awful awful.

  4. sara m ford says:

    my greadmother had Breast Cancer she ended up having part of her breast taken its a hard road for everyone. I think companys like Ford do a great job!

  5. I don’t think I know anyone who’s life hasn’t been touched by breast cancer. Praying for a cure.

  6. Two of my cousins and 2 friends have bouts with breast cancer. It is a horrible disease that can strike both men and women both.
    This is great what Ford is doings for breast cancer. I like the designs on the items and I will surely check out all their things on the site.

  7. Thank you for the post and sharing your story. Ford thank you for helping women and men who get breast cancer. My mom died from cancer and I think this is a great thing they are doing helping and getting the word out there. So thanks again to both of you.

  8. Richard Hicks says:

    glad to see Ford involved with this important cause

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