Christmas Gift Idea: Champion Me Books (Giveaway Closed)

 For Trademark Office Christmas Gift Idea: Champion Me Books (Giveaway Closed)

I love to read and so does my 5 year-old daughter. My husband or I read 3 books to her every night as part of our bedtime routine. Plus, it’s not surprising to come across my daughter “reading” to herself; she’s been doing it since she was 2. This is why I was ecstatic when Champion Me Books, who offer Personalized Children’s Books, asked me to do a review for them.

About Champion Me Books

Champion Me Books was started by a brother and sister who grew up in Los Angeles and with a dad that took them on “wild and crazy adventures” and now have 8 kids between them. They feel like their experiences were what allowed them to create 4 such enjoyable books.  They must be right because Champion Me Books has won quite a few awards including the 2012 Creative Child Magazine Book of the Year award!

cmaward Christmas Gift Idea: Champion Me Books (Giveaway Closed)



I sat down with my daughter this past weekend and we created the all 4 of Champion Me’s Personalized Children’s Books.  They have 4 really great choices that appeal will appeal to children with different interests from gadgets to animals!  Champion Me allows you to choose one of the four books and then lets you or your child personalize the main character.  You get to put in the child’s name so that the title reads something like  Bobby vs the Scribble Monster.

Once you have the child’s name input you can then choose male or female and customize the character.  You get to pick the eye color, the shape of the eyes, the eyebrows, the mouth, the hair color and style, skin color, main color of the clothes, and accent color for the clothes.  This process was a ton of fun for both my daughter and myself; it was fun to see what she was going to make her character look like!  My only real complaint was the way you picked the color for the clothes.  It would have been nice if they let the user have a bit more control, because my daughter kept trying to make color changes that weren’t “allowed”.  Thankfully she wasn’t upset about it, so it didn’t turn into an issue.

Once your character is created you can preview the book with your newly made character once it is built, making sure that you and your child are happy with everything.  If not you have the ability to go back and make changes.  Once this was done you are given the chance to write a dedication to your child, which is a nice touch.  Then you get to choose the book format: E-Book ($6.99), Soft Cover ($21.99), or Hard Cover ($29.99).  If you choose E-Book, like I did you will have your books in a matter of minutes.  The site says it could take a bit, but I received all 4 of the books in under 20 minutes.  This was greatly appreciated as my daughter was super excited to read her new books!

As each book was finished I read them to my daughter who loved every last minute of it (so did I).  They books feature your child as the hero or heroine of the book and each story is a ton of fun.  The books are not short either; they are each 30+ pages each and the pages are vibrant and colorful.  Each story is completely different than the next and is a ton of fun!

All in all I’d have to say that my experience with Champion Books was superb.  The process of creating the books was extremely simple and fun, the books are reasonably priced and you have plenty of choices so that you can fit your budget.  I really think you can’t go wrong this Christmas making a personalized book from Champion Me for your kids!  What kid wouldn’t love to be the star of their very own book?


Champion Me has been kind enough to offer one lucky insignificant at best reader will win $22 voucher for a soft cover version of their favorite book!  All you have to do is fill out the Rafflecopter form below.  Good luck!
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Disclaimer: I was provided 4 E-Books and will be given a hard copy version of one of the books in order to facilitate this review, however all opinions are my own.

lpsignature Christmas Gift Idea: Champion Me Books (Giveaway Closed)


  1. Pamela Halligan says:

    This s a great gift idea for my nephew who just started reading. Thanks for the review.

  2. Holly Trudeau says:

    What a cute idea! My son would flip to see himself portrayed in a book, great Xmas gift!

  3. This is a good idea for a book for your child. I like that it can be personalized.

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