Christmas Gift Idea: Contigo

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Recently I was lucky enough to be given the opportunity to test the latest water bottle from Contigo, the Grace water bottle.  For those of you not familiar with Contigo, they offer Travel Mugs and Water Bottles for adults and Cups, Water Bottles, and Food Jars for Kids.  At this point you’re probably thinking… “So?”  But don’t be too quick to judge, because Contigo is a step above the rest when it comes to these items AND they are reasonably priced!   Oh and the most important thing – they are BPA free!

About Contigo

I have 4 words for you that helps to set Contigo apart from the rest:

AUTOSEAL Technology

AUTOSPOUT Technology

Both of these patented technologies make drinking extremely convenient for the consumer and who doesn’t love convenience?

AUTOSEAL technology means that your water bottle, travel mug, etc automatically seals between each sip you take.  Not only that, but the seal is so tight, that whatever you are drinking out of is 100% leak proof.  You can check out their AUTOSEAL in action in the below video!

AUTOSPOUT technology is only on Contigo’s water bottles.  These water bottles feature a popup water spout for easy drinking; all you have to do is hit a button and the spout pops up.  Then you can just use your thumb to easily push it back down.  Watch the video below to see AUTOSPOUT in action!

Another cool thing is that their travel mugs are insulated and will keep hot drinks warm for up to 4 hours and cold drinks cool for up to 12 hours!  I’ve had a lot of travel mugs in my day and NONE of them have kept my drinks warm or cold that long.


I received the Grace water bottle from Contigo (pictured below) in Indigo and I’m absolutely in love with it.

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I hurt my back last week and ended up working from home 4 out of the 5 days.  During this time I spent a lot of time in bed and figured it’d be the perfect time to give my new Contigo water bottle a try.  I was having a hard time turning to reach things on my nightstand so I figured my new water bottle claimed to be leak proof and that was the perfect time to test it out!  I used it all 4 days and I’m extremely excited to say that it didn’t leak once.

I’m also completely in love with the easy push button for opening the mouth of the bottle.  I can grab the bottle with one hand and push the button no problem.  This is a million times easier than other water bottles that make you pop the top, twist something, etc. and then you have to close it again to “make sure” they don’t leak (though I’ve still had times where they did).

Another thing I really liked about the water bottle was that it showed the measurements on the side so you can track the amount of water you’re drinking daily.  This is an awesome feature for anyone trying to ensure they are drinking the proper about of water in a day.  I love when there is no guesswork involved in something.  I’m all about easy!

I know it might seem a little weird to buy something from Contigo for a loved one, but let me tell you I think it’s a fantastic idea.  If you know someone who is always on the go and likes to carry their water and/or coffee or someone who loves to work out; their travel mugs or water bottles would make an excellent gift!  They can tuck them in a bag/purse and not have to worry about leaking!

Not to mention I’m dying to try the kid stuff too!  Anyone with kids can appreciate cups and such that don’t spill.  My daughter is infamous for spilling her drinks and it drives me insane!

Buy Contigo

You can buy Contigo online or from a ton of stores.  You can check to see if they are sold at one of your local stores by clicking here.

Also, currently Contigo has some really great online deals going on:

  1. Receive 20% off your entire purchase when you use code FRIEND20 at checkout
  2. Save $10 on the 2-Pack AUTOSPOUT Waveland Double Wall Insulated Water Bottle
  3. Save $10 on the 2-Pack AUTOSEAL Randolph Stainless Steel Travel Mug (Vacuum Insulated) with Button Lock
  4. Free Shipping on purchases of $45 or more (in the contiguous US only)

So be sure to check out Contigo’s site and consider them when you’re doing your Christmas shopping this year!  I guarantee there is someone on your list that would love one of their travel mugs or water bottles!

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  1. laurie nykaza says:

    I love this Double Wall Insulated Water Bottle because it does not spill and the kids alway leave a mess in my car from spilt drinks and this would put an end to that. Wonderful gifts for the holidays too.

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