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With 2012 coming to a close and the WordPress annual report conveniently in my inbox (I was going to write this post anyway, but talk about time saver!), I thought would be a good idea to take a look back how far insignificant at best has come over the past year and the posts all of you enjoyed most! icon smile insignificant at best   A Year in Review

Random Stats & Observations

  • In 2012 I gave all of you the gift of 174 blog posts!  No need to thank me for my generosity; your loyalty to this little blog is thank you enough!
  • insignificant at best’s busiest day of the year was October 25th, with the most popular post being Friday Funny Business (October 5th Edition).
  • 2 of the top 5 posts that all of you visited were originally written in 2011 (If You Could Choose Any Time Period to Live in What Would it Be? and Getting to Know You Friday: If I Could Learn Anything…).  This tells me that something changed in my blog writing in 2012 and that I need to try and write more posts like those two.
  • 2 of the other top 5 posts on insignificant at best were giveaway event posts (Fall Fashionista Giveaway Event and Mother’s Day Giveaway Event). This tells me that all of you like giveaway events and free stuff.  Good news…more of that to come in 2013!
  • People found insignificant at best by searching on “Christmas”, “hippie backgrounds”, “Friday funny”, “only child”, and “bucket list”.  Something tells me I need to work on my SEO a bit, because I’m pretty sure those searching for “hippie backgrounds” are highly disappointed when they visit the site.  Though, if you ask me, they should consider themselves lucky to have stumbled upon such awesome-ness.
  • When it comes to social media facebook brought the majority of you here and then after that Twitter!

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  • insignificant at best has had visitors from 137 countries!  The majority of you seem to be from the US, though Canada and the United Kingdom aren’t too far behind!
  • The post with the most comments was my eShakti #Review and #Giveaway post!  This post had a lot of wonderful compliments from all of you – thank you so much for that!  I often jokingly brag about myself, but in truth it was really hard to put myself out there like that to model the dress, so your kind words were greatly appreciated!

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  • The top 5 commenters on iab were:

*drumroll please…*


We interrupt these stats for a sappy moment…

Whether you are in the top 5 list or not, thank you to each and every one of  you who took the time to comment on iab.  There is nothing more rewarding than a reader who is motivated to comment on your work!  It’s rather sad how excited I get when I see I have a comment, so please don’t stop sharing with me; I love it!


iab Milestones

December 1, 2012

gettingtoknowyou insignificant at best   A Year in Review

On September 9, 2011 the Getting to Know You Friday Blog Hop was born.  Originally there were 4 hosts, post requirements, and a name that made no sense since the hop lasted the whole weekend and not just Friday.  LOL  Since then it has morphed into the more appropriately named Getting to Know You Weekend Blog Hop and is now only hosted by myself and Christina of Spilled Milkshake.  We now have a weekly featured blogger who co-hosts with us and we no longer ask that you write a post answering a question, we just ask you to link up and post a few meaningful comments!  You also have the option of entering a giveaway to be the following week’s featured blogger!

Apparently we must made the right changes to the hop because on December 1st we had 32 awesome bloggers link up and hop with us; the largest number to date!  Join us on Friday, January 8, 2013 when the Getting to Know You Blog Hop returns from it’s 2 week hiatus!

November 14, 2012

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On this day Christina from Spilled Milkshake and I announced our very first giveaway event called the Winter Blues Giveaway!  It’s 100% free for bloggers to join and we have some really amazing sponsors such as Spilled Milkshake Designs, Maggie Bags, and Pouchee!  If you’re interested in being a part of our very first event and driving more traffic to you’re blog, please sign up; we’d love to have you!

A Few of My Favorite Things…

Welcome Wednesday

welcomewednesdayinsig insignificant at best   A Year in Review


I love guest bloggers; so much so I created a weekly feature called Welcome Wednesday.  The idea is that each Wednesday iab would welcome a guest blogger and introduce them to their readers via an original guest post written by them.  For a little bit the guest posts came in fast and furious and then they stopped.  I tried to bring the feature back in August, but sadly I only got a few actual posts, even though several bloggers said they were interested. icon sad insignificant at best   A Year in Review  I’d love to bring Welcome Wednesday back, so if you are interested please contact me!  In the meantime I’d like to share with you a few of my favorite Welcome Wednesday posts from 2012:

  • Mike From The Moral of the Story Is: I’m so grateful Mike and I found each other via Triberr!  Not only has be become a friend, but I just loved his guest post and his blog!
  • Christina From Spilled Milkshake: I’m sure by now you’ve figured out that Christina and I are friends.  LOL  However, I promise you this isn’t why her post is one of my favorites.  I never even knew what Polymyositis was until I met her; Christiana’s educates everyone on the disease and what she goes through on a daily basis.


Me, Me, & More Me

happybunny insignificant at best   A Year in Review

Here are a few of my favorite posts this past year:

  • A to Z Challenge: Annoying Co-Workers:  Well I failed miserably a the challenge, but I definitely enjoyed writing this post.  It was extremely therapeutic to talk about these pain in the butt co-workers!
  • Please Visit Me at The Monster in Your Closet: I wrote a guest post in honor of my Gran who is the strongest woman I know.  It may not be housed on my blog, but the guest post is the one I hold nearest and dearest to my heart.  Love you, Gran!
  • It’s a Fluff-tastic Friday!: I used to participate in a weekly linkup called Friday Fluff, until the blogger running it decided she no longer wanted to run it.  I loved this linkup and this is by far my favorite post for it.  I enjoy any excuse to be a smart ass.
  • RembRED: 33 Years and Counting: A 400 word tribute to the bestest friend a girl could ask for.
  • Fiction: The Healing Process: One of my all time favorite short stories and definitely my all time favorite from 2012.


You, You, You

You iStock 000014706975XSmall insignificant at best   A Year in Review

I want your feedback.  I know you’re likely saying to yourself “Lisa, you are the greatest blogger ever!  Why do you want my feedback?  Just keep being awesome!”, but despite this I still want your feedback.  The only way I can continue to grow and become even awesomer (I just love making up words) is for you to tell me what I’m doing right (obviously everything) and what I’m doing wrong (obviously nothing).

All smart assed-ness (there I go again making up words) aside, I wouldn’t be here where I am today without all of you and if there is something I can do to keep you coming back or to make you happier, then please, I beg of you; share your feedback with me!

Thank you

many thanks insignificant at best   A Year in Review


While I am awesome, it’s safe to say that iab would not be the blog it is today without all of you.  Thank you to each and every one of you for helping to make insignificant at best a success!  I hope that each and every one of you have a great 2013 filled with all sorts of good things for you and yours!  Happy New Year!!!!

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