Infomercials: The Good, The Bad, and The Downright Ridiculous

2308.infomercial Infomercials: The Good, The Bad, and The Downright Ridiculous

Wikipedia describes infomercials as “direct response television commercials which generally include a phone number or website”.  To me, these are the short ads on TV or half our long shows that are all trying to sell me their latest and greatest product; most of which I must admit, I want.  These stupid infomercials have caused me to buy all kinds of things that, for the most part, turned out to be complete junk and yet there is still TONS that I want to buy.

I bought the NuWave oven, which I love and the Total Fitness Gym which I hated; Chuck Norris and Christie Brinkley are a bunch of liars I tell you!  I’ve bought more, but I won’t bore you with list.  This post is all about the things I’m dying to try, the things that look really awful, and the things that make me laugh.

The Good

First up are the infomercials that draw me in and tempt me every time I watch them.  Yes, I said every time, because for some reason when I want to try something I’ll watch the infomercial over and over as if it’s changed since the last time I’ve seen it.  LOL

1. Wen Hair Care by Chaz Dean

I have to admit that I almost bought this.  I went as far as to check out the price, because they don’t really tell you it in the infomercial (that should’ve been my first clue).  Let me tell you that this stuff is EXPENSIVE, not to mention gets some pretty bad reviews.  Yet I still watch the commercials and wish that I could have luxurious hair like the women in them.  I’m a glutton for punishment with this one.  LOL

2.  Pancake Wizard

I suck at making pancakes.  Not only do they seem to cook too fast, I have the hardest time flipping them, so I’m sure you can see why I was drawn to this infomercial.  It makes it look so easy and the people look so happy eating their perfect pancakes.  I want one…badly.

3. Strutz

Okay I’d never wear these with sandals as the commercial shows, but I think if these do work they’d be awesome.  I have flat feet and with flat fee comes major arch problems.  I’d love to give these a try!

4. Stretch Geanie

I have very wide feet and often have to buy my shoes a 1/2 size larger cuz so many of the styles I like don’t come in wide.  I think I’d get a ton of use out of it, if it actually works.

The Bad

1.  Ahh Bra

I don’t care what they say, I think these bras make your boobs look better.  I think it makes them look flatter and cleavage-less (I enjoy show a little cleave…not slut cleave, but tasteful cleave, mind you lol).  I also want no part of a bra that I can pass off as an article of clothing.  I just don’t get these bras, at all.  When I put on my underthings I want to feel sexy, not practical. LOL

2. Pajama Jeans

I’m sorry ladies, but you’re not fooling anyone.  These should never be worn other than the comfort of your own home.

 The Downright Ridiculous

1. Heat Surge Amish Fireplace

I have nothing against the Amish.  That being said, the infomercial for the Heat Surge Amish Fireplace is all kinds of ridiculous.  Every time I see the infomercial I can’t help but be amused and appalled at the same time.  If these are truly made by the Amish then aren’t they breaking several rules by using electricity to film their infomercial?  Plus if you can’t take pictures of them because it’ll steal their soul, then wouldn’t video taping be worse?  Not to mention how so they test if their fireplaces work if they can’t plug them in?  How do they have a website and who picks up the phone when you call?  The questions are limitless and I’m dying for some answers.

2. The Wax Vac

This infomercial drives me INSANE.  If you haven’t watched it, there is this guy on there who apparently sticks his a q-tip in his ear with the same strength Chuck Norris puts behind one of his karate chops.  The yell he lets out leaves me to believe he’s going to pull out a bloody q-tip and will likely be deaf in that ear for the rest of his life.  I mean come on…melodramatic much?  Oh and not only do we get the pleasure of hearing it at the beginning of the commercial, the Wax Vac company felt the need to do a replay towards the end, just in case we didn’t get the point the first time around.  Ugh.

3. Hot Booties

I want these strictly because I want a “Bootie Bag” for my very own.  Every I hear them say that in this commercial I laugh…a lot (hey, I never claimed to be mature lol).  Not to mention all I can think about is sweaty feet, cuz that’s exactly what everyone’s feet will in hot slippers.  Gross.


What do you want to buy off the infomercials?  What do you think is ridiculous or what have you bought that you loved or hated? I’d really like to hear!



lpsignature Infomercials: The Good, The Bad, and The Downright Ridiculous


  1. There is a sucker born every minute. I believe either Barnum or Bailey said that.
    No more infomercials, please.

  2. Let me help you…I used the Wen stuff for about 6 months. Noticed no difference from my $.97 Suave Strawberry conditioner. One thing I did learn from the experience…sometimes, if I’ve not used a lot of products, I’ll just rinse and condition my hair, skipping the shampooing altogether. I’m going to try and find the best review of the stuff I’ve ever read…I’ll report back. I found it!

    Turn your heat down 2 notches when making your pancakes. Make sure a drop of water sizzles totally off when you flick it on the pan before putting your mix on and use LOTS of Pam. Wait until the pretty bubble pop. Put spatula all the way under and flip. Wait another 30 seconds and check. Oh, and put your pancake mix in an old ketchup container. Squirt it right on the pan.

    Take Vit E Cream, vaseline, and baby lotion…mix with your kitchen aid and put the result in cute little containers. On your daily to-do list, add ‘put lotion on heels’. And put this concoction on daily. Guaranteed beautiful feet in a week. And mine were BAD before I started lol!!

    I’m off to watch the ear wax video lol!

    • LOL you crack me up! Thanks for the Wen review. I had read when I did the research that a lot of people said their hair became super oily. No thanks!

      I’ll also have to give your feet concoction and pancake making tips a try. I use butter and not Pam…not sure if that makes a difference and I do know that I keep my pan way too hot, so I’m going to have to turn it down considerably.

  3. I still hate infocomercials lol

    • Nobody said you have to like them! ;) LOL I wish they didn’t exist, even if I’ve found a few good things from them. Too much wasted time and money!

  4. Sometimes it’s hard to not be pulled in by infomercials, but most of the time I just ignore them. As for Wen, I dunno. I have used super cheap Sauve shampoo and conditioner to super expensive stuff like Nexus, Biolage’ and more and frankly, they all seem to clean the same. Even conditioner doesn’t sem that much different, for me anyway. I’ll stick with the cheap stuff for now.

  5. Nena Sinclair says:

    Lol I’ve never seen that one for the Wax Vac before! I think I just might have to buy myself one, not because I’m sure it’ll do a great job cleaning my ears, but just check out the smiles on everyone’s faces as they use it! It must be some kind of magical happy machine! Lol

  6. My mother-in-law said back in the day if there was an infomercial my husband was getting the product for them for Christmas. Hahaha, knowing him now I just can’t see it, which makes it even funnier. :)

  7. Christina cracks me up:) I’m trying that foot thing though. I have serious rough feet right now. I get sucked in on the Cindy Crawford skin stuff, and the French dermatologist with the very special French melon to fix anything;) I haven’t bought it though. I keep thinking it will come to the regular stores, or has it already? The one with Christy Brinkley always cracks me up, because she’s doing the leg spreader exercise all of the time, and my mind just goes where it shouldn’t, and she has that ridiculous expression and delivery. You know what I’m talking about? This was fun!

  8. I hate those infomercials but when they come on, it seems like I get really interested!! LOL

  9. HAhaha I remember seeing the heater/fire place and thinking the same thing, I think it was on qvc, thanks for the laugh, great post !

    • I don’t know about QVC, but I do know they have actual infomercials. I wouldn’t be surprised if QVC offered them up too! The one I saw actually showed “Amish” people working on the fireplaces. LOL

  10. Kimberly R. says:

    lol, its rediculous what we can be fooled into buying sometimes.

  11. These Infomercials are so bad! The one about the Amish making fireplaces is the worst! I knew that this is not true. How do they get away with this type of advertisment! I think that it is wrong to have these infomercials on TV

  12. Michelle Proper says:

    Thanks for such an informative review! Some of these I haven’t seen…always good for entertainment on late night TV when nothing else is on!

  13. I only watch them when I cant sleep!! LOL

  14. Jennifer Mae Hiles says:

    I couldn’t agree with you more! Especially on the idiot that jabs a q-tip into his ear and screams, who does that?! I admit, I have been very curious about the ahh bra – mainly just for wearing around the house. The infomercials make all of the products look so appealing but I have never heard anyone rave about one they bought. In fact, normally I hear they are junk. I would love to find a real honest person that does reviews of these products. I saw one as part of a news or morning show once and I wish I would have paid attention. He actually tries them out and tells you which work. But I can’t remember what show it was!

    • That sounds like a great bit! It’d be nice to hear reviews before you spend your money. Oh and my step-sister has the Ahhh Bra and swears by it. It’s all she’ll wear.

  15. Infomercials are so annoying and sometimes I have to wonder if they really expect to sell the nonsense they are selling, but there’s a sucker born every minute.

    • Very true! Though I have to admit that not all of it is crap…I have found a few things through informercials that I love! For instance my NuWave really is awesome. :)

  16. OMG I laughed my butt off at this post….the wen hair one always sucks me in but I checked the price too and it was CRAZY. The pancake thing I think is probably a waste of money (well since I rock at making pancakes) Ive never seen the strutz thing but I don’t know about it…the stretch genie not believable. The ahh bra for some reason I think its full of lies I’m a DDD and there’s nothing that’s wireless that hold my girls in for the Amish heater that IS ridiculous, pajama jeans one word NEVER and the wax vac I agree the guy in the commercial looks like he’s drilling into his ear.

    • Betty, you crack me up! Lol First of all I think I should come over and make me pancakes as we are sure to have lots of laughs! I hear you on the Ahh Bra; I’m a DD and if I had no wire, it would NOT be pretty!

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