Types of Medical Claims

Types Of Medical Claims

Medical claims are commonly those that compensation claims levied against healthcare professionals, the NHS, other healthcare organisations, or drug and medical equipment manufacturers. If a patient suffers because of the negligence or poor quality care provided by any of these medical professionals or medical companies then they have the right to claim compensation. Such compensation can range from a moderately sized package to a considerably larger settlement and, if you are forced to miss work or seek private medical care, then the compensation can prove very beneficial.


Errors are extremely uncommon but they can, on occasion, happen. Doctors and other healthcare professionals can misdiagnose patients. While some diagnosis is effectively hit and miss there are times when misdiagnosis can lead to additional or worse problems. In these instances, medical claims may be a possibility and you should consult with an experience solicitor to determine whether you have a case.

 Missing Important Symptoms

All symptoms can prove important but some are more important than others. If a healthcare provider ignores or brushes an important symptom under the carpet then you may have cause to proceed with a medical claim. You should be able to expect a duty of care from your healthcare provider and if you are not receiving this then you have every right to make a claim and seek compensation.

 Hiring A New Solicitor

Even if you have received advice from another lawyer or solicitor, who stated that you do not have a case or gave you other information that you are not completely satisfied with you may still be able to pursue medical claims. A qualified and high quality solicitor can take over where another solicitor has left off and help chase the result and the claim that you believe you are rightfully owed. If you have been subject to medical negligence then you are rightfully owed the compensation.

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