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Welcome to the Getting to Know You Weekend Blog Hop. This week we Getting to Know Karen from Family Travels on a Budget!

From Karen -

Hello everyone. I’m so excited to share my blog with you here today. Even more, I look forward to getting to know each of you.

I am the unlikely travel blogger! While I’ve always loved to write and travel, mostly road trips, I never dreamed I’d put those things together. First of all, I used to be terrified to fly! Crazy, I know. How could a travel writer ever be afraid of flying… but I was. I also used to be afraid of big cities, but in the past decade I’ve been to NYC, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Paris, Beijing and Guangzhou, China (and many, many more cities, slightly smaller). In the past decade, I’ve jumped from an 18 foot high cliff into an underground lake, kayaked in a thunderstorm (not recommended), and zip lined in Mexico.

I guess you could say travel blogging found me. Our daughter is from China — I had to face my fear of flying or let my husband have her all to himself in China for two weeks. I attacked that fear head on — I had already waited more than a year to meet her and I was not going to wait till they flew home to finally hold her! I have loved flying ever since. Then last year, our son asked for a trip to Paris as his graduation gift. I called a travel agent and quickly realized it was too expensive. I really didn’t want to disappoint him though, so I did some research and discovered we could go to Paris — and enjoy the food, sites, museums and everything else — for about half what the travel agent quoted. Friends asked how we traveled to Paris on such a small budget, and voila! A blog was born.

The blog is called Family Travels on a Budget, but budget doesn’t mean cheap. Budget means SMART! My goal is to share smart travel information so that we all can travel smarter, better and easier. Some posts include tips and tricks for packing the suitcase, preparing the car, or helping kids get along on a road trip. Other posts cover technology: online bargains, travel APPs and travel websites that make travel and travel planning easier or cheaper. Of course, it is a travel blog, so I include destination specific information too. Discover Ohio: A Learning Vacation is probably the most interesting destination specific post I’ve written. Readers were certainly surprised to learn how diverse Ohio’s culture is. Honestly, I lived there 35 years and learned things I’d never known before. My favorite part about the blog, though, is the growing community. The regular commenters and I have become friends away from the blog. They make my life better.

I hope you enjoy the blog. When you comment, let me know we first met here. Consider joining the conversation on Facebook too. We have fun — especially when the snow flies! It’s a great place to talk weather, share funny photos and ask travel related questions — or just say HI!

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  1. Our rafflecopter is very sad this week lol!! Still not a single entry…we need to liven up the party apparently (=

  2. How come out-of-towners find out more about your state than the natives?
    I am intrigued about the Underground Railroad exhibit in the Belpre Historical Society/Farmer’s Castle Museum in Belpre, OH.

  3. interesting looks like something i would like to join

  4. Look at the lovely mark of Christina and Spilled Milkshake Designs here!;) Love it! I just stopped in to share the Winter Blues. I pinned and tweeted it out:)

  5. Hey,
    Thanks for hosting me! I wonder if the long weekend affected things?

    • You’re welcome! Thanks so much for being our featured blogger! I’m not sure what happened with the Rafflecopter, but the long weekend could definitely have something to do with it!

  6. Maddie K. says:

    I live in NJ and am really surprised by all the history there is in this smallish state. It’s amazing what you can find to do in your home state.

  7. i bet you had a ball on your travels me you can count me out on boat and plane

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