Ways to Sell Diamonds

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Ways to sell diamonds

Now is a great time to sell your gold and diamonds. For those that live in New York, they might have noticed that jewelers and people not associated with the industry are now buying diamonds when previously they only accepted gold. The jewelry industry is changing.

People with jewelry know that eventually they would want to sell a diamond or two, for many different reasons. Worldwide interest in diamonds is on the rise and now you may see jewelers that will gladly buy your diamonds for huge sums of money. If you need the money it’s a good idea to sell family heirloom, or just a diamond you don’t use anymore. Instead of letting those diamonds gather dust in your safe deposit box, you could contact with diamonds buyers in NY. Why not sell them now?

If you have never sold a diamond before you may need to take many things in consideration. The industry is full of scammers that will try to buy your diamonds and jewels at low prices if you don’t do your homework. Don’t forget that patience is a virtue! If you rush into a sale without doing proper research, you might get scammed.Selling your diamonds online can be safer and quicker than visiting dozens of jewelry stores to find a good buyer that won’t try to scam you.

Even jewelry owners that spend hours online learning about their diamond’s worth can easily get screwed by one of the many fraudulent buyers out there (both online and conventional). There’s really no end to the various scams that some jewelry store owners can make to help them buy diamonds at low prices (some of them may even give you only 10% of your diamond’s true worth). If you don’t know where to start and are looking to sell these things yourself, there are many certified appraisers online that will tell you the real value of your precious stones without trying to scam you. Over the last years, diamond sellers have been reporting better results by selling their diamonds online than in conventional jewelry stores.

Selling diamonds can sometimes be stressful if you don’t know any honest appraisers near your area. Without consulting a professional, you will never know the true worth of your diamonds. Another great idea would be to search the Internet and find people who specialize in estate jewelry to see if they’ll take your diamonds or gold on consignment.

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  1. thinking of selling some gold, thank you for the review

  2. Great! I’ve sold my gold before but they wouldn’t take my diamonds, so I had to take them out of the settings

  3. i love diamonds

  4. Stephanie Larison says:

    You know, I wish I had diamonds to sell to begin with! lol

  5. What few diamonds I have, I think I’ll keep lol. Though it’s good to know my options if I need money =)

  6. Maddie K. says:

    I sold a bunch of scrap gold. That is to say, necklaces and such that were broken and what not. I got over $5000 for it! Now I wish I had more…lol.

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