Review: No nonsense Tights and Leggings

This is a Sponsored post written by me on behalf of No nonsense for SocialSpark. All opinions are 100% mine.

I was given a pair of No nonsense Tights and a pair of No nonsense Leggings to review, through SocialSpark.  Sadly when I received my leggings and tights I was unable to try them on as I was sent a size that didn't fit me (they had to substitute some sizes due to the amount of people participating in the campaign).  However, I was able to give the tights to my friend who loved them, but was unable to find any takers on the leggings.  Before I share with you her thoughts on the tights I'd like to share with all of you my thoughts about the appearance of the No nonsense tights and leggings.  

The leggings had that corduroy look and were a camel brown color.  I have to be honest here; they were not even remotely my style.  They might have been okay in a different color, but I just think they weren't for me.  Had they fit me I only would have worn them in the house when I was lounging around.  They were soft and comfortable feeling, material-wise; I will give them that.  Maybe it's just because I was not able to see them on anyone and get a real visual, but from where I stand now they just weren't for me.  

I also eceived a very cool pair of black, pattern, Fashion Tights from No nonsense and was so disappointed I couldn't wear them!  They were sooo cute and let me tell you they looked awesome on my friend!  The tights are stylish and you that extra little "something" for your outfit!  I would without a doubt buy these if I could find them in my size!

My friend also loved them and said that they were extremely comfortable to wear.  She also said she wore them to work and got a lot of compliments on them!  She told me to tell me readers that she gives her "stamp of approval" on the tights! icon wink Review: No nonsense Tights and Leggings  My friend isn't the easiest to please so that is saying a lot! icon smile Review: No nonsense Tights and Leggings

Now let's play pretend for a second.  Let's pretend those o-so-cute pattern tights fit me and that I could pair them with any outfit I like.  I went to this super cool site called and created a styleboard to show you wan outfit that I think No nonsene's fashion tights would look amazing with!  

y Review: No nonsense Tights and Leggings


Pretty awesome, right?

If you are interested in checking out No nonsense Tights and Leggings they are readily available at food and drug stores, not to mention retail stores too!  You can also click the No nonsense tights and leggings link and you'll be taken to a handy dandy store locator to see exactly where they are sold in your area.  

Oh and did I mention how affordable they are?  Fashion doesn't come cheap, just take a look at some of the prices on the outfit I created at!  Thankfully, No nonsense is budget conscience way to stay stylish!

Still not convinced?  This isn't your mother's No nonsense!  They've gotten a facelift and have paired with the ever stylish Jill Martin, Emmy Award Winning TV Personality, co-author of the NY Times best selling style guide "I Have Nothing to Wear!", and NY Correspondent for Access Hollywood,  will be doing a series of online vignettes showing all of us how to keep up with the latest trends such as leggings and colored tights!  You can check out one of these videos below:

Pretty awesome, right?   Also be sure to check out No nonsense on Facebook to learn even more about their products!

 Review: No nonsense Tights and Leggings

lpsignature Review: No nonsense Tights and Leggings


  1. Aww, that really sucks that they didn’t fit. Tights and leggings aren’t my thing, but my daughter is adorable in them!

  2. I wouldnt mind wearing the leggings but I am not going to wear the tights!! But thanks for the review!

  3. natalie nichols says:

    i love all the different colors

  4. Maddie K. says:

    There is hardly a product from No Nonsense that I don’t like.

  5. Wow i did not know they came in so many colors,Thank you

  6. laurie nykaza says:

    Good review so I don’t waste my money on the leggings. The tights sound really cute I think my daughter would love them too

    • If you like leggings you might like them. They also have regular leggings. It’s just the color and style I got. I bet you they have better. ;)

  7. Recently, I received a pair of No nonsense tights and leggings to incorporate into my wardrobe. Let me tell you when I realized the leggings were RED corduroy I was nervous! This was outside of the norm for me and I felt a challenge. The No nonsense tights were black and I was ready to rock-n-roll with those. I know what to do with black!

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