Review: Bic 4-Color Pen

To me the Bic 4-Color Pen represents my childhood.  As a kid it’s the little things in life that help to make school more bearable; a cool trapper-keeper, awesome folders, cool pens, etc. (I was a child of the 80’s if you can’t tell lol).  To me the coolest of pens was the Bic 4-Color; it didn’t get any better than that.  Granted I couldn’t use the green color, but to have blue and black to do my work and red to check my neighbor’s or my paper all in one pen?  How awesome is that?!?  No more having to carry multiple pens around and worrying about losing one!   Oh and when I was board in class I could switch from blue, to black, to green, to red…to blue, to black…never mind that I was likely driving my classmates insane; it kept me occupied!

It’s for all those reasons and so many more when I was asked to take part in a Bic 4-Color Smiley360 campaign I jumped at the chance.  When I received my Bic 4-Color Pen it made me smile to see that even after so many years the pens have not changed one single bit.  To me that’s a testament to how great the pen is and how well it works.  If it ain’t broke don’t fix it, right?

Sadly after I opened the pen, that’s almost all I’ve gotten to do with it.  My daughter, who loves to draw and write, immediately laid claim to the Bic 4-Color Pen and that was that.  I’ve gotten plenty of notes and pictures that she created with the pen, but that’s pretty much it.  LOL  It’s quite obvious she’s her mother’s daughter. icon wink Review: Bic 4 Color Pen

She also made a very special note that she mailed to her Great Grandmother (pictured below):

20130127 110527 e1359561652140 Review: Bic 4 Color Pen

I did manage to steal the pen once and make a grocery list.  I color-coded the grocery list according to the different areas of my grocery store (pictured below).

20130127 122726 Review: Bic 4 Color Pen

Had I gotten the chance to use the Bic 4-Color Pen a bit more, there are all kinds of fun things I would have used it for:

  1. Using the red and green to address Christmas Cards
  2. Color coding each person’s appointments on our family wall calendar
  3. Writing up business invoices (I’d put the total due in red or green so it’d stand out)

In fact now that I’m coming up with all these cool things I can do, I think I’m going to have to run out and get one.  Though I’m going to be sure to hide it from my daughter this time around. icon wink Review: Bic 4 Color Pen

What could you do with a Bic 4-Color Pen?  I’d love to hear some ideas!

Also, if you want to run out and get a Bic 4-Color Pen for yourself, here is a $1.00 off coupon you can use!

lpsignature Review: Bic 4 Color Pen


  1. I too love four color pens. They take me back!

  2. Got one for my son last Christmas as a stuffer, he loves it!

  3. Amazing how an item can take us back to childhood. That pen was a luxury back that…such a big deal to have four pens in one. I think I ran across one about 5-10 years ago. I think they make them with different colors now but nothing like the red, blue, green, black.

  4. Danna Wolf says:

    I collect pens like it’s my job, haha. This just made my wish list.

  5. Yea, me too. Takes me back to my youth!

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