Friday Funny Business (The I Love Justin Timberlake Edition)

ffb2 300x150 Friday Funny Business (The I Love Justin Timberlake Edition)

It’s Friday and I’ve officially decided that I’m waving the white flag to the month of February.  We’re only half way through and it’s been nothing but yuck.  So with that in mind I’m going to bring out one of my all time favorite funny guys…Justin Timberlake.  If you’ve never seen him host Saturday Night Live or his “History of Rap” bits with Jimmy Fallon you are seriously missing out.

Justin and Jimmy Team up 3 different times on the Jimmy Fallon Show to cover the History of rap and it is CLASSIC.  It’s a little 10 mins long, but it is worth every last second…trust me.

Then there’s Justin’s famous SNL Short, D*ck in a Box.  Hysterical.

Justin on SNL play his Great Great Grandfather, talking about what his famous Great Grandson will be like.

There are so many more great skits from his SNL gigs, but sadly they are sticklers when it comes to allowing people to post clips on YouTube.  However, if you ever have a chance to watch an episode that he hosts you don’t want to miss it!

lpsignature Friday Funny Business (The I Love Justin Timberlake Edition)


  1. That was great!!!! I sang the whole way through lol…I’ve seen the d*ck in a box plenty of times lol I love Justin I hated him when he was in n sync but when he ventured off on his own he grew on me

    • I used to be the EXACT same way! He won me over when he went out on his own and then I knew I was smitten the first time I saw him on SNL! I never would’ve thought him to be such a great comedic actor!

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