Deal Alert: Coupon Code for Gift Baskets Plus

deal alert 300x300 Deal Alert: Coupon Code for Gift Baskets Plus

If you are looking for a gift basket of any type, I can without a doubt recommend Gift Baskets Plus.  I got to try one of the baskets this year and it was beyond amazing!  I loved everything in it!  You can read my post that I did on them here.

Their baskets make excellent gifts for any occasion and the best part is they are offering insignificant at best readers a 10% discount!

To redeem the offer all you have to do is go to Gift Baskets Plus, find the gift basket you want to buy and then put it in the cart.  When you go to purchase enter coupon code 409992 to get your discount!  It’s that simple!

The offer expires March 31th so hurry up and get your gift basket now!


lpsignature Deal Alert: Coupon Code for Gift Baskets Plus


  1. Thanks for sharing about this site I am going to go see what they have, maybe they have a cute Easter basket for my son.

  2. MADDIE K says:

    I love gift baskets. I love giving them and I love getting them.

    • I’m the exact same way! Gift baskets are usually filled with all sorts of goodies that you normally wouldn’t get to try! Love all the yummies! LOL

      • MADDIE K says:

        My love of all things “baskety” (is that a word? probably not!) started when I was very young and with the Christmas stocking. I would wake up early in the morning and my mom would say that I could not open anything, but I was allowed to go through my stocking. I would pull each toy or item out, look at it, smell it, love on it and then put it down and go on to the next item. Even today, giving and getting a full Christmas stocking is STILL my most favorite part of Christmas. Yes, presents are fun and fine, but the Christmas stocking is what really excites me. The same with baskets. I tend to give a lot of basket type gifts. I will fill a box up with all sorts of items. I love variety and even when a theme prevails it is like getting a gift, then another gift, then another gift, over and over. Inside of me, even now I can feel the excitement of giving and getting baskets. I don’t always throw things in a basket either. I made a towel “cake” for a bride recently and stuffed the thing full of small things she didn’t get, plus threw in some flowers for decoration. I tend to be a fairly good buyer for baskety things too, picking up items here and there throughout the year. I almost never buy full price and get lots of things on clearance or deep discounts. Baskets….I just love them!

        • I’m so sorry it took me so long to respond to you. It’s been crazy, but I just had to respond to your wonderful comment, no matter how late I am. LOL

          Baskety may not be a word, but I’m all for it. I often make up words. LOL I think it’s awesome you create your own…what a great idea! I might just have to give that a try!

  3. Peggy Greco says:

    Thanks for info and review; will have to browse the site for good buys.

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