Guest Post: 30 Rock Spin-offs We Want to See

I don’t know about all of you, but I am a huge fan of  30 Rock and of watching TV, movies, etc. online.  That’s why when I was contacted about the following guest post from Hunter Reynolds, I couldn’t resist.  Enjoy!


With the end of several great shows looming large this year, countless dedicated fans worldwide are asking themselves the same question: “What the heck am I going to watch now!?!”

Sadly it’s true: this year will see the demise of several beloved programs, with the end of NBC’s superlative, hilarious, star-studded 30 Rock set to leave the largest hole in our collective hearts. And yes, you can watch 30 Rock online and enjoy Tina’s coffee stained sweat pants and Alec’s rapier wit and Tracy’s general confusion and all the other wacky hi-jinks that have taken place in that “office” since October of 2006, but here’s another idea: spin-offs.

Yes, often the TV show spin-off is a horrible wretched beast monster offering a level of amusement and cultural relevance ranking somewhere between moldy citrus fruit and a badly stubbed toe, we know that. No one needs to be reminded of the horror that was “Joey” which briefly surfaced after “Friends” ended its long (meaning “far too long”) run. And let us not speak of “Mrs. Columbo.” (You didn’t even know that happened, did you? Yeah, it was bad.)

But remember that for all the miserable failures, there have also been spin-off shows that were stunning successes, even programs arguably superior to their televised ancestors. Whereas today an episode of Cheers feels rather dated and silly, you can still watch re-runs of Frasier with plenty of glee. So once you watch 30 Rock online for the tenth time and finally have every single joke memorized, perhaps you’ll be ready for some new Liz Lemon lines. So go ahead and indulge us and yourself: this is a spin-off that could work.

Picture it: they’d call the show something like “When Life Made You Lemon.” (For the uninitiated, Tina Fey’s character is named Liz Lemon, and she is the head writer for an SNL-style sketch comedy show on 30 Rock). That character alone could generate plural seasons of material because she is just so damn charming in her sad, dumpy way. Because the role is based off of Fey’s own life and experiences, she of course naturally fills it perfectly, and brings an effortless comedy to the screen. Her character should not change a whit, but perhaps the location could be shaken up to inspire some new story lines? We’re thinking the natural move is to send Liz Lemon to Los Angeles. Just plunking her down on the sunny streets surrounded by Hollywood types and watching her walk around for an afternoon would likely be enough for a pilot.

And if you’re more into Alec Baldwin’s cutting Jack Donaghy character, well, let’s get that man a spin-off too. We’d rather not stoop so low as to suggest a name like “You Don’t Know Jack” (sorry.) but we would suggest that this show follow Jack in a fall from grace situation. Imagine that character as a post-scandal janitor, gym teacher, or some other decidedly non-studio executive role. Or we could just watch 30 Rock online and pretend everything was OK.


lpsignature Guest Post: 30 Rock Spin offs We Want to See


  1. sara wood says:

    I love 30 Rock! thanks for the post.

  2. Maria Iemma says:

    Isn’t it funny, I like all the actors in 30 Rock yet I never saw one of the episodes. We do not watch much TV in the house and prefer to read every night.

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