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Disclosure: This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of Netflix.

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About 6 months ago my family and I implemented a much needed family night.  With my husband and I working full time and my daughter’s soccer and gymnastics schedule we don’t get much quality time together.  Each Friday bring a folding table into the living room, pick out a streaming movie from Netflix, and eat dinner while watching a family friendly movie.  Then once dinner is over we’ll play some type of easy game that also allows us to continue to finish up the movie.

My daughter, who is 6, absolutely loves family night and brags about it with all of her friends and extended family members.  Her favorite part is scrolling through all of the instant streaming movies on Netflix and picking out what we’re going to watch each week.  With our prodding she has picked out some really awesome movies for us to watch such as The Lorax, Matilda, Secret of the Wings, etc.

What my husband and I love best is the Netflix family page.  If you’re not sure what it is, you should surely check it out! It’s this great page that has a bunch of different curated lists of movies that make it easy to find what you’re looking for!  Have a kid that’s extremely curious and into learning new things?  Then check out TV For Curious Kids.  Miss the cartoons you watched as a kid and want to introduce you’re child to them?  Then check out Classics to Share With Your Kids.  I especially love that one as it has episodes of He-man and She-Ra; both were childhood favorites of mine.

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Also, what my daughter doesn’t know is that family time continues after she goes to bed. icon wink Family Night  The family page not only has great suggestions for kids/family, it also has lists for parents too.  One of our favorites is Movies Based on Best Sellers and Catch-Up TV for Busy Parents.  We’ve watched shows like Arrested Development (which now has new episodes only available on Netflix) and movies like The Hunger Games.

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So if you haven’t gotten a streaming membership to Netflix or just haven’t checked out their family page!  What are you waiting for!  The page is not only great for family night, it’s great in helping keep the kids occupied when they’re itching to go outside on a rainy day, when they’re sick, or just plain bored during summer vacation!

What shows or movies on the Netflix family page are you excited to see?

One last thing…I’d be remiss if I didn’t mention that the Nextflix family page is also available to those without a membership.  So if you’re just looking for rental suggestions, this page is great for that too!


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 Family Night

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  1. Great suggestions, thanks! =)
    Im heading over to the Netlix Family Page to check it out!

  2. We love Netflix. AND I love that I can even get it on my iPad. We did a backyard camping trip and watched movies out there LOL Thats my kind of “roughing it” – movies and a bathroom only a few steps away LOL

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