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Disclosure: I participated in a campaign on behalf of Mom Central Consultingfor Reebok. I received a Famous Footwear gift card to purchase a pair of Reebok shoes to facilitate my review and to thank me for participating.

If you’ve read iab for any amount of time, you’re likely aware of my shoe addiction.  The problem with this addiction is I not only have a big foot, but it is also wide and flat.  It’s like the perfect storm of things that all add up to making it extremely hard to find cute shoes that are also comfortable.  This is extremely true of tennis shoes, as many don’t offer me the kind of support my flat feet need.

Recently I started working out more often and since it’s been more years than I like to count, I’ve been in need of a new pair of workout shoes.  This is why the timing of this review was so perfect!  Not only did I get to shop for athletic shoes at one of my favorite shoe stores, Famous Footwear, I got to shop for some much needed athletic shoes from Reebok, one of my favorite brands!

Famous Footwear

I’ve been shopping at Famous Footwear for years.  It’s always one of my go to shoe stores, because they have a good selection and even offer some wide shoe sizes!  Another thing I love about their store is that you don’t have to sit around waiting for someone to go find the shoes you want to try on.  With all of my feet problems I’ve been known to try on over 20 to 30 pairs of shoes in one single visit (I’m NOT kidding).  Do you know how annoyed this makes salespeople?  Plus it takes a million times longer because you have to get someone’s attention, wait for them to go find the shoes, then if those don’t work you have to get their attention again and then wait for them to bring out more shoes; the cycle is endless.  Thankfully that is not the case with Famous Footwear!  They have all their shoes out and underneath the display shoe, which saves me oodles of time.

Another great way to shop at Famous Footwear is online.  They have more choices online than they do in the stores, so if you don’t see something you like you can check online.  It’s convenient and there are tons of choices, who doesn’t love that?

One other really great thing about Famous Footwear is if you don’t see the right color or they store doesn’t have the right size you can ask them to order it for you and it’ll ship free right to the store.  Yeah you have to take a trip back to the store, but honestly it’s a lot better than having to go to a another, out of the way, store to pick up the shoes  or to pay for shipping.

Oh and don’t forget about their rewards program!  Sign up and receive coupons and great exclusive deals from Famous Footwear!  I love this because it just means with the money I save I can buy more shoes! icon wink Review: Reebok at Famous Footwear

Reebook at Famous Footwear

When I saw that Mom Central was looking for interested bloggers

to buy a pair of Reebok athletic shoes from Famous Footwear and review the experience, I couldn’t have been more excited.  Normally this time of year is all about buying new shoes, clothes, and school supplies for my daughter; I thought it would be so fun to go ahead and buy something for myself for a change!  Plus the timing was perfect since I’m desperately in need of a new pair of running shoes, as I’m trying to work out regularly.

Since there is a Famous Footwear right by my house I decided to try there first to see if I liked anything they had to offer.  Sadly they only had 2 styles; the Rebook Women’s Zig Kick and the Rebook Women’s Realflex Run.  One of the styles had one color choice and the other had two color choices, but that was it.  I tried on the Zig Kick, but sadly with my foot problems, I could tell that my arches were going to cramp when trying to work out.  Then I tried on the Realflex Run in an orange color, because the grey didn’t have my size.  I really liked the Realflex, but was hesitant to purchase without taking a look at what other styles they had online.  There definitely was more choices online, but I ended up going with the Realflex, because I liked the colors and I knew they felt really good on my feet.

Upon the arrival of my shoes, there was nothing on the box that said Famous Footwear, so I have to admit I was wondering what the heck was coming in this big box.  I didn’t think it could possibly be my shoes, because the box seemed impossibly light for a pair of shoes.  However, I was wrong…they were definitely my shoes and I love them!  They are so light and just fit perfectly!  I would definitely recommend the Realflex or Reebox any day!  They are a great quality shoe that offer good support.

I also really loved the colors and the 2 color laces, which are something I’ve never seen before.  Very cool!

 Summing it All Up

While I was a bit disappointed in my local Famous Footwear’s Reebox selection, other than that the reasons I have always loved the store are still there.  Plus, their online shopping is super easy and convenient, so you really can’t go wrong either way!  All in all I’m happy with my shoes and my experience.  Plus I have extra money left over from the $100 gift card that I was given to buy my shoes and I’m super excited to go back and get something else!  Who can argue with that?


lpsignature Review: Reebok at Famous Footwear

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