Fiction: The Prettier Sister

Kylie looked at herself in the mirror, unable to hide her disgust.  It was impossible for her to ignore the red, splotchy birthmark that covered half her face.  The birthmark had plagued her all 32 years of her life.  Her twin Kayla, on the other hand, was the lucky one; her face was beautiful and birthmark-free.  Both twins had long, shiny brown hair and crystal blue eyes; not … [Read more...]

Fiction: If I Can’t Have You

Jocelyn looked into James’ eyes; they looked like marbles, dull, cracked marbles.  It was then she realized she was dealing with a complete lunatic, though the gun he had pointed at her didn’t help either. “Please James…you don’t want to do this.  Please put the gun down and let’s talk about this.”  She was proud that her voice didn’t betray how badly her body was trembling. “Shut up.   You … [Read more...]

Fiction: Inner Strength

“Please welcome Laura Noring!” Taking a deep breath Laura smoothed her clothes and stepped on stage; walking across with a slight limp.  She pasted what she thought was as convincing smile on her face; hoping to hide how nervous she was from the 3,000 students and faculty in the auditorium.  As she reached the podium, she turned and faced the crowd of unfamiliar faces. Grasping the … [Read more...]

Fiction: Change in Plans

Sighing loudly Cassie sat back in the hard, uncomfortable booth; trying unsuccessfully to relax.  She stared across the table at her son who was happily munching on the chicken nuggets from his Happy Meal.  Trevor was 5 years old and already such a handsome little boy, with dark brown hair and bright blue eyes, not to mention his fun loving personality.  Strangers that crossed his path would often … [Read more...]

Fiction: Unexpected Declarations

John banged on the door “Come on Carla, open up!  I know you’re in there!” “Go away!” Carla begged; her voice cloudy with tears. “I’m sorry, Carla; I didn’t mean to hurt you....I love you.”  he said softly. Abruptly the door swung open, catching him off guard.   “You what?” Carla asked, her tear-streaked face showing signs of hope. “I love you.” he repeated louder. “I love you too.” … [Read more...]

Fiction: The Balcony View


She walked out onto the balcony of her honeymoon suite and gasped at the sheer beauty of her surroundings.  Every single one of her senses were assaulted as she moved to the balcony’s railing.  The air was warm, but with an almost constant light breeze that brushed against her skin.  The smell of tropical flowers and the salty ocean was welcome after breathing in polluted city air day after day.  … [Read more...]

Fiction: Early Retirement

Natalie held tight to the ticket as she examined herself in the mirrored elevator doors.  She lightly patted her perfectly coifed, auburn hair and smoothed out her fancy black cocktail dress.  Natalie smiled as she remembered how that very same dress had made her husband’s jaw drop and attracted the eyes of most the men in her vicinity.   She looked classy, but hot and she knew it. With a ding … [Read more...]

Fiction: Never Let Go

"If anyone objects to this marriage, speak now-" “I object.” Elated, the bride turned and ran into his arms. Carrying her out of the church he whispered, “I’ll never let you go again.” _______________________________________ This was written for Trifecta's latest challenge called Trifextra.  The Week One challenge was: The first weekend prompt is as follows: write a love story in … [Read more...]

Fiction: The Healing Process


She walked along the beach letting the memories wash over her.  Stopping to look out over the water, she relished the feel of the warm sand between her toes and the cool water lapping at her ankles.  After a long, unbelievably cold, Winter the sun felt like liquid honey on her pale skin. She started to walk along the shore again, a specific destination in mind.  The walk was so familiar, like a … [Read more...]

Fiction: Fix You


When you try your best but you don’t succeed Michael pushed on the little girl’s chest “One.  Two.  Three.”  He counted, breathless with the effort. “Dr. Sellars!  Dr. Sellars!” the nurse tugged on his arm “she’s been down for 45 minutes; she’s gone.” Knowing she was right, Michael stopped and hung his head in defeat.  As he climbed off the gurney he could hear someone call the time of … [Read more...]